Visit Bedford Falls It’s A Wonderful Life T-Shirt


Visit Bedford Falls It’s A Wonderful Life T-Shirt T-shirts


In It’s A Wonderful Life, George Bailey grows up, marries, has a family, and rises to a position of prominence in his hometown, Bedford Falls, becoming the manager of the local Building & Loan bank. When a large quantity of the bank’s money is misplaced and it appears that George is about to lose everything, he laments that he wishes that he had never been born. George’s guardian angel, called Clarence, shows George what things would have been like for the town and people of Bedford Falls if George had never existed. George begs to have his real life back, which Clarence grants, and all turns out OK as George’s friends donate more than enough money to replace the bank’s missing funds and George gains a new appreciation for his life.

Let everyone know you are a fan of the 1946 classic starring James Stewart when you wear this Visit Bedford Falls It’s A Wonderful Life T-Shirt!

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Visit Bedford Falls It's A Wonderful Life T-Shirt

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