My Hooptie Sir Mix-a-Lot Shirt


My Hooptie Sir Mix-a-Lot Shirt T-shirts


This Sir Mix-a-Lot shirt features the cover artwork for the single “My Hooptie”. The single includes the A-side “My Hooptie (Still Runnin’ Remix)” and the B-side “Society’s Creation”.

“My Hooptie” recounts a comical adventure for Sir Mix-a-Lot and his posse. They drive around the neighborhood, pick up girls, visit McDonald’s, and run over the toes of an ex who tries to shoot out Sir Mix-a-Lot’s headlights. Let everyone know you are a fan of the classic rap single when you wear this My Hooptie Sir Mix-a-Lot Shirt!

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My Hooptie Sir Mix-a-Lot Shirt

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