Look Homeward Asgardian Thor T-Shirt


Look Homeward Asgardian Thor T-Shirt T-shirts


This Thor t-shirt features the cover artwork for Thor Vol. 1 #289 in bright neon colors. This issue is titled “Look Homeward, Asgardian!”

In “Look Homeward, Asgardian!”, Thor saw his father kneeling before the Celestials, and angrily hurled himself at the One Above All. But instead of striking him, Thor was instantly transported back to Olympia. Hero was transported right behind him and was transformed back to human form – that of the Forgotten One. Zuras was determined to punish the former Eternal, but Thor stood with him. Makkari revealed that it was Sprite that caused all the trouble and Zuras’ punishment was that he and Sprite care for each other with the Forgotten One being blind. Zuras told Thor that he had 24 hours to find another solution to the Celestials, and then the Uni-Mind would attack.

For any fan of the God of Thunder, this Look Homeward Asgardian Thor T-Shirt is a must have!

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Look Homeward Asgardian Thor T-Shirt

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